About us

Epona Riding Centre is the main organizer for Indoor Epona. As one of the biggest riding centres in Norway our main focus i dressage and show jumping. Everye year we host 15-20 competitions, ranging from local club competitions to international championships, including the Para European Championship in 2009 and the Nordic/baltic Championships. Epona has a big ridning school with 150 student at all levels, including therapy riding.


Epona Ryttersenter AS
Travparkveien - 4636 Kristiansand
Telefon: +47 416 86 543
Web: epona.no

Press should contact Linne Eidsaa,
tel. (+47) 416 86 543, e-mail: linne@epona.no


For accreditation for jounalists etc, please contact Linn Elisabeth Eidsaa at linne@epona.no

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