VIP Treatment

Treat yourself to an excuisite VIP experience. The staff from Boen Gård will provide exiting food experiences and fantastic service. The cuisine at Boen Gård is local and season based. Vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs and honey come fromour own garden. The apples becomeour own apple juice and sparkling cider. We get wild salmon from the river, and lamb from the fields. Other produce is supplied by small, dedicated farmers in the local community.

Tomasz Rochon is inspired and exited by the great produce. In 2019 he became head chef, following the gold champion og Boucse d’or, Charles Tjessem. Tomasz has experience from the kitchen at Maaemo and the star restaurant Kitchen W8 in London. Courses and menus celebrating the produce are composed in close collaboration with head waiter and sommelier Dagfinn Galdal. Wines are carefully chosen to complement the food.

Access to the VIP-section includes a gourmet lunch and dinner buffet. Wine/beer etc. is bought separately. VIP parking in immediate proximity to the arena.

If you wish to book a table, please contact Linn Elisabeth Eidsaa at


Show Jumping, September 26–29:
VIP table / tickets for 5 persons NOK 22,000 plus VAT

  • Thursday, September 26: dinner only
  • Friday, September 27: lunch / dinner
  • Saturday, September 28: lunch / dinner
  • Sunday, September 29: lunch only

Dressage, October 3–6:
VIP table / tickets for 5 persons NOK 22,000 plus VAT

  • Thursday, October 3: lunch / dinner
  • Friday, October 4: lunch / dinner
  • Saturday, October 5: lunch / dinner
  • Sunday, October 6: lunch

VIP table / tickets for 5 people per day NOK 8,000 plus VAT

Coffee / tea / mineral water / snacks are included.
Other drinks must be purchased.